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About Us

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a reliable solution to:

  • profitably handle and sell their used/surplus equipment
  • better manage and secure proprietary assets
  • rebuild, reconfigure, test, install and service

We create value for all parties through the repurposing of assets.

Interscope Asset Recovery, a division of Interscope Manufacturing, was founded in 2001 with the goal to help companies to remove surplus or obsolete equipment from production floors and out of store rooms to reduce taxes and create more profitable outcomes. We provide complete solutions for used, surplus, and proprietary equipment.

Equipment Buy, Rebuild & Sell Options

We buy, rebuild and sell manufacturing equipment and components across the globe. Our relationship with Interscope’s Manufacturing, Assembly, Project Management, and Engineering departments provide a competitive edge over other used equipment dealers. We specialize in the rebuild, refurbishment, and reconfiguration of all types of industrial equipment. When a there is not opportunity to rebuild or reconfigure a piece of equipment, it is disassembled to the component level and the parts are used as replacements or new builds for our customers.

Obsolete Component Management

When equipment in your lines becomes obsolete from the manufacturer, Interscope can provide you with a profitable solution. We work with companies to offer refurbished obsolete components, complete with warranties to reduce downtime and keep your lines running. We also specialize in finding form, fit and function replacements based on the specifications you provide.

Intellectual Property Management

We are highly skilled in the management of intellectual property. We have the ability to purchase, refurbish/reconfigure and resell it back to you securely – only as you need it. There are many tax advantages to moving IP inventory off your production floor until the time that you may require it.

Parts Sourcing

When we do not have a part you need in our inventory, we use our extensive network of 3rd party suppliers to fulfill all of your equipment needs. 

Service & Installation

After equipment is sold, we can install and service it.